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It starts with a story as it so often does. You’re walking in the woodland, it’s a bright day but you’re shaded by the canopy, the sunlight filters through in patches between the ferns, you find yourself in a small glade of trees, here and there fallen stone work, the remains of some ancient building, you rest a while and soak it all in.

While you sit your eyes take in all the shades of green, the filtered sunlight  the earthy scents of moss and leaf litter, the softness of the woodland floor beneath you, this place is peace, the silent centre point where you are connected to all around you. 

 Deep beneath the bracken something small catches your eye, you look closer, and there in the depths you find a tiny shrine, a statuette of an ancient one, from the time before, so old theres no living memory, a precious memorial. 

These are the woodland spirits, they are the guardians of all that was, the carers of the old ways and the tiny creatures, they look after all things growing and living in the woods. 



Woodland Spirits are the perfect tiny treasures for your home, they have been made with  a mixture of different media, glass, wood, clay and paint, some have gold leaf, grass and leaf designs. They are all completely unique, they are a beautiful addition to a bookshelf, or cabinet of curiosities! 

Measuring approx:  6" tall 


These woodland spirits are decorative items, they are NOT toys and must be treated accordingly. 

Woodland Spirit Ornament

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