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When I first started out making beads I would often find myself with one in my pocket, they would become a sort of touch stone, I would put my hand in my pocket and there it would be, a constant tactile reminder of what I was learning and exploring, a reminder that glass is an amazing medium, solid and fluid, changed by what it’s exposed to, able to withstand enormous pressure but sometimes damaged by seemingly the lightest tap, a metaphor for life perhaps. 

Yesterday I was reminded by a dear customer of those touchstones, a little pocket memorandum, it inspired me to make these, not beads, just beautiful pebbles of an amazing material that can be kept in a pocket, given to a loved one as a reminder they are loved, offered as a thought to someone you care for, a reminder that you are stronger than you think and can endure a great many things, something to be kept in a pocket when times are tough to reassure and comfort.


Please note, these are NOT beads, they do NOT have a hole through them. 


Measuring approx:52mm x 32mm 

Pocket Pebble, Glass Touchstone

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